Robert Lund's Basement CD

This CD is loaded with all of Robert’s #1’s, Funny
Fives, and Funny 25 songs you’ve been hearing
on the Dr. Demento show this past year. We’ve
only printed a small number of them, so when
these are gone you're out of luck.

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Workn' The Glory

Now available on Workin' The Glory, hidden
track, "A Few Of The Testimonies."

Also included in the CD Set


Elves Gone Wild


Lund's Loony Tunes

Totally Jazzed


Traffic Jamzz

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Best Stupid Songs
of 1998



Quaker Notes


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Bill Clinton's Biggest
Hits...On Women,
Vol. 1

Bill Clinton's Biggest
Hits...Stained Legacy,
Vol. 2

Let's Parody Like
It's 1999

    Robert Lund CD Set
All 9 CDs
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