“Roberts’ Basement” CD track listing:

1. I Got Crabs from Darth Vader
2. Band-Aid
3. Life in the Bat Cave
4. Uranus!
5. We Drank a Toast to Underpants
6. Hooked Up With a Bigfoot
7. Enter Cupid
8. King Kong
9. Nude (The Ibiza Beach Song)
10. I Blog Alone
11. Iranian Uranium
12. Blow Me Down
13. Saline
14. Bovines of Mass Destruction
15. Landed On Boardwalk
16. Supertelevangelistic Sex - and - Drugs Psychosis
17. It’s the Most Wonderful Kind of Brassiere

  Audio Samples

I Got Crabs

King Kong


Toast To Underpants


Band Aid


Enter Cupid

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