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Welcome to “Robert’s Basement," the new CD you’ve all been asking about. It’s loaded with all of Robert’s #1’s, Funny Fives, and Funny 25 songs you’ve been hearing on the Dr. Demento show this past year.

It only costs $10.00, and has some other crazy tunes that I know you and all your friends and family are going to love. We’ve only printed a small number of them, so when these are gone you're out of luck. So NO whining! I will not be responding to any more e-mail on this subject. Sorry, but all that correspondence cuts into my studio time. (I still welcome your comments and critiques, however.)

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing these tunes on the good Doctor’s award-winning program, we’ve assembled a few sound clips for you to sample. Enjoy! Thanks for listening and for taking the time to visit www.robertlund.com.

By the way, lyrics to all of these and many other songs can be found at www.spaff.com.

Bye now! Or should I say BUY NOW!

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Workin' the Glory
Robert Lund, Utah’s patriarch of parody, is back with
a new CD, “Workin’ The Glory.” The album is a 16-song
sendup of all things Utah-ful, with tracks like “Living in
the Maternity Ward,” “Give A Talk at the Fireside” (a parody of “Walk on the Wild Side”), and “Man I Feel Like
a Mormon!”

Now included on "Workin' The Glory," a hidden track "A Few Of The Testimonies."

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A big and very special thanks to my good friend Billy for allowing his timeless Christmas classic "Ding Fries Are Done" to be part of "Elves Gone Wild!"   
Thanks again Billy!